Watkins' Heroine

Watkins’ Heroine is a book by illustrator Liselotte Watkins and produced by Pipel for the publisher Modernista.

Together with Stefania Malmsten, Watkins developed a sort of visual short stories consisting of lines instead of letters, a language that was purely graphic. The departure point was Liselotte Watkins' signature glamour girls that are used alongside of real life heroines.

"They're all people to me. I work out their whole story – where they live, if they have a boyfriend, their bank balances and their style. That's why one girl might have only the jacket of a Victor & Rolf suit – she lost her job the week before so she can't afford the rest of it."
/ Liselotte Watkins, Vogue UK, 2003

Watkins' Heroine is published by Modernista and was launched at the art space Soc.Stockholm in December 2003.

Worldwide distribution from May 2004 by Die Gestalten Verlag in Berlin.