Departing from an editorial approach to each assignment, Pipel pursues projects and provides services within 5 different fields related to fashion and graphic design.

1 Printed matters
2 Shows/events/exhibitions
3 Film/moving images
4 Talks/seminars/teaching
5 Trend analysis

Since the start of May 2000 Pipel has done both self-initiated and commissioned work within differens media.

A selected list of works includes the following productions:

Glamour Part One: People
A documentary film about glamour and survival.

A conceptual fashion show for the department store NK in Stockholm.

Inside Magazines
A presentation of Glamour Part One: People for a book featuring independent pop culture magazines.

Glamour Part Two: Suburbia
A projection with moving images for the Stockholm Art Fair.

Watkins' Heroine
A book with illustrations by Liselotte Watkins.

Since the start Pipel has also participated in seminars and events related to fashion, art and photography.

In May 2002 Pipel did its first analysis of directions in fashion and media customized for agent B. Martin.